Sovereign Technologies
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Market Sectors

Market Sectors

Powder Coatings

  • Curing agents for all systems

  • Flow modifiers

  • Dispersing agents

  • Wrinkle texture additives

  • Dry erase / Anti-graffiti

  • Other specialty additives

    All products provided as high active free flowing powders

Liquid paints and surface coatings

  • Flow modifiers for solvent based and water based paint systems

  • Curing Agents

  • Specialty Resins

  • Rheology Control

  • Texturing and non-slip products

  • Specialty coupling agents and silanes converted to free flowing powders

plastics and recycled plastics

  • Emulsifiers

  • "Storage Stability" additives


  • Improve thermal stability in drilling mud

  • De-Aeration additives

Oil drilling polymers

  • Thickeners


  • "Storage Stability" Improvement


  • Specialty water based acrylic

  • Epoxy resin systems

  • High molecular weight water based epoxy resin systems

resin systems

  • Epoxidized surfactants for 828 and 1001 type systems

reactive surfactants

  • Specialty AG Resins

  • Dry erase surface additives

ANti-graffiti(ag) and dry erase

  • De-Flocculating

WATEr treatment

  • Amine Accelerators

  • 2-Propyl Imidazole

  • Specialty Imidazoles

epoxy curing agents